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Betty's Bed and Breakfast was established in June 2006 when the first guests used the newly constructed guesthouse. Today - the usage of the guesthouse is growing and has built up a small client base.

Mama Albertinah has shared her Late daughter's dream and has foreseen the many wonderful opportunities that the 2010 FIFA World Cup will bring, and she has also found out that certain teams will be housed in the Vaal Triangle area! She has also made every effort to attend a number of courses and lectures in regards to marketing her guesthouse and also on how to run the guesthouse

It was Ms Albertinah Manoto's daughter who saw the dream of turning their family small-holding into a "gold mine" - by opening up a number of guesthouses to be neatly set up on the open area of their property. Sadly, Mrs Manoto's daughter passed away shortly after the first house was built, and she felt it her duty to ensure that her daughter's dream lived on and came true - no matter what!

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Bettys BnB